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Italiology. Iconic Italian Design.

Benvenuti! Italy-inspired design is here.



Our mission

  • Did you know that it’s estimated that 60 million (that’s the population of the United Kingdom) women worldwide – aged 18-35 and working in the garment industry – make less than a minimum wage. These women are making the clothes we see on streets everyday, and are hidden in the fashion supply chain. It’s near impossible to track where your clothing came from and who made it.

This is where we are different. We work with one person companies (OPC) to help us out with the embroidery and printing and we have one supplier of all the tee’s, hoodies and sweatshirts, who is 100% transparent in terms of the garment production process. Our clothes are made from organic cotton, the workers are paid real wages and no children are allowed to work in the facilities. We have GOTS and WRAP certifications. Together, we can change the way fashion works.

  • Sadly fashion is more polluting than all international flights combined. The luxury segment isn’t solely to blame for the industry’s negative impact on the environment. The biggest problem is fast fashion. In 2020 an estimated 18.6 million tones of clothing will end up in a landfill. The Ellen Macarthur Foundation reports that if this trend continues, over 150 million tonnes of clothing waste will clog landfills by 2050. As consumers, we are responsible to clean up our own act. The first step is to support slow fashion brands. Italiology is slow fashion. Support emerging sustainable fashion labels using eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials.

This is why at Italiology we have decided to do things differently. We do not produce our clothes upfront. We want the customer – you – to decide what you like, and then we make it for you. Therefore there will be no waste if a design doesn’t sell. The design we offer is timeless, as timeless are the icons of Italy: pizza, pasta and wine. There is no deliberate fashion here, no seasons and there will also be no unnecessary production.

  • Most women and girls see between 300 – 3500 adverts a day. That’s a lot. The women in those ads are mostly models looking nothing like 95% of women in reality, because they’re mostly beautiful, super slim, photoshopped and not diverse. That makes most of the women seeing the ads feel bad. There’re studies to prove it. We think all people have great bodies so the people who model for us are real: they are our friends, parents and supporters. Most of all we want everyone to feel great in our clothes.
  • Our wish was to create a website where Italian fans and Italiologists can have a broad choice of Italian motive goodies made with good quality materials, sent to them quickly wherever they may be. From our own experience the clothing souvenirs available in Italy or online are always cheap, terrible quality and debatable design. 100% made in China. Our store is different. Created by real people, not a corporation, out of real love not profitabiliy.

The creator

I’m an architect, art historian and graphic designer in love with Italy.

This site was set up for all the fans of Italy and Italians, who would like to have clothes bearing Italian motives and icons. Along with my team we have strived to create a pleasant experience for you.

All the products in this store are unique, have been designed here and you cannot buy them anywhere else. We pay great attention to detail and create positive vibes in all our designs. Enjoy!

Special commissions

Should you want any specific design which you haven’t found amongst our designs please let us know, we will do our best to help you with your idea. We are sure we can sort something out.
E-mail us at

Cheers — Hanu

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