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Where is the cotton from?

All our cotton clothes and accessories are made of organic cotton. Our clothes are made of 100% GOTS certified organic Indian cotton by a Belgian company that has received all quality and sustainability certificates: Global Recycled Standard, Organic Blended Content Standard, Peta-approved Vegan.

In addition, our clothes are sewn and dyed in factories that employ only adults who work in conditions that do not threaten their health and, moreover, receive fair remuneration for their work. This is guaranteed by the Fair Wear certificate.

Isn’t all this cool?

What’s the quality of the clothes like?

Everything in our store is Premium quality. These are not empty words.

My 7-year-old son has a sweatshirt that I have already washed about 100 times. The guy has been wearing it since the beginning of September, he wears it all. the. time. The sweatshirt has already been covered in mud, ink, grease, sandwiches, tea – everything. I can extract stains from it almost to zero, but more importantly, despite the very high frequency of washing (at least 2 times a week), the sweatshirt has not lost its shape, color and doesn’t twist.

Having said that, I do not recommend the use of a tumble dryer, which is very damaging to clothes, which may cause the material to shrink.

The quality of knitwear and cotton that I offer you is very high. Additionally we offer repeatable colors, cuts and sizes.

Where do you make your clothes?

Aprons and bags are sewn in Bielsko-Biała, Poland by Margaret.

The beanies are also knitted in Bielsko-Biała.

The clothes are not sewn by us. We import the ready-made clothes without decoration from Belgium and decorate them in Bielsko-Biała. Our Belgian supplier is a guarantee of quality, timeliness and color repeatability for us.

Product customization

If you see a product you like but want to order it with a different design than the suggested one, please write to us at

We can get you a different color of clothing that we do not have in store or help you choose the cut of the sweatshirt to suit your body. We can make a prints and embroideries for you in different colors than the ones available in the store.

We can combine different sweatshirts with different prints and embroidery patterns available from us, but we don’t make new embroidery/print designs on request.


Why are some products available and you have to wait 2-3 weeks for others?

We have adopted a policy of avoiding overproduction. More about our mission click here.

Overproduction is when a clothing company produces a large amount of a product but the product doesn’t sell. It’s a waste of the earth’s resources – electricity and water are used to make clothes; transport of clothes is fuel, etc.

We try to have products that sell well and are popular in stock and ship them quickly. We do our best to ship in 24 hours. Products that are less popular or are in very bold colors are available on request. After ordering a given product from us, we import it, decorate it and send it. Usually it doesn’t take longer than 2 weeks, but life – you know, sometimes plays tricks.


We do our best to avoid overproduction, but do not want to discriminate anyone.

Most of our clothes are available in sizes from XS – XXL, sometimes we even have access to XXS, XXXL and even XXXXL. These are, however, rarely bought.

For this reason, if we already have a product in stock, usually it’s the typical sizes S, M, L. Other sizes, if specified in the product, can be ordered from us and expected after approx. 2 weeks.

Unusual sizes

Contact us if you’re a person who has problems with finding the right fit yourself.

We already have experience in helping choose clothes, e.g. for women with very large breasts. We understand not all people look like models and we have the ability to get you the clothes that will fit you just right. We don’t have all the available women’s models on display in store, but we do have access to other models which we can get at a client’s request.

Several of our suggestions have worked well for people of unusual sizes. After a telephone or e-mail consultation, we can send you photos of models/cuts, available colors and decorations and we can make a custom design for you.

Feel free to contact me:

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