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Italiology. Iconic Italian Design.

Benvenuti! Italy-inspired design is here.


sustainable, slow,
ethically made with love in WARP certified factories
all prints made using water-based ink
made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and wool
no stock = no waste
all garments made on demand
shipped in biodegradable packaging




Our mission is to inspire people to enjoy their lives like the Italians do. Italiology is the art of feeling Italian. When you put our clothes on we want you to feel the warmth, energy and sunlight like you do when you are in Italy. We would like to spread love and joy throughout the world through our high-quality, organic clothing. We believe that a sustainable and mindful lifestyle is only possible if it’s joyful and good-natured.


Do you love Italy? Perhaps you are Italian? It doesn’t matter to us who you are, but if you are here it means you love the country of Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolò Machiavelli and Gianna Nanini. Or Monica Belluci.

Salve to all who have arrived here safe and sound. Make yourself a nice cappuccino or if it’s the right time of day an Aperol Spritz and get prepared for a joyful ride to Italy.

Our mission is to give joy to all the people who, like us, love Italy and would like to have a piece of clothing that reminds them of their favourite place on Earth and/or happy holiday destination.

This store came to life as a result of a nervous breakdown after trying to buy a nice souvenir whilst in Italy. Don’t get me wrong: there are plenty of magnificent, genuine things to buy. Hand-made ceramics and pottery, leather goods, sunglasses from tiny manufacturers are great but when it comes to clothing with Italian motives all you can get is a Ciao tee, an I-❤️-Italy hoodie or a plastic football top, all made in China.

Italians enjoy wearing clothes with their flag colours on them, not only clothes – Vespa helmets, iPhone cases. We have decided to take the extra step and go beyond the flag itself.

At Italiology we have observed that there are few countries in the world with as many iconic symbols so well known as there are in Italy. Those icons we love and treasure. It’s them we decided to base our Iconic Italian Design on.

All our designs are made here in house, everything we sell is exclusive for this store and can’t be bought elsewhere. We pride ourselves in great attention to details in both the design process as well as the production process where we verify the materials we use in terms of durability, safety and sustainability for the environment.


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