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Italiology. Iconic Italian Design.

Benvenuti! Italy-inspired design is here.

Do you like headwear or do you just wear it when the situation requires you to stay warm? Our pure cashmere fishermen beanies will not only keep you warm but will also guarantee to be a stylish accessory to anything you are wearing. It is our statement accessory and is fantastic in everyday situations. The beanies are adorned with our woven label “La Dolce Vita” and a lemon.

Why would we combine the word “dolce” (sweet) with lemons? Because for us this is exactly what Italian do with their lives – they take a lemon and turn it into limoncello. They take in all the sour moments of life with a touch of Prosecco, spaghetti and wine. That’s what we think La Dolce Vita is also about. Live through the hardships with that Italian attitude.

Our cuffed fisherman beanies will be very suitable presents for Italy-loving friends or relatives. They come in five colours and their style is very modern. It’s a great additive regardless of everyday fashion taste and head circumference. It is an iconic piece of garment working well for both ladies and gentlemen.

The material

A snug, form-fitting cuffed beanie. It’s not only a great head-warming piece but a staple accessory in anyone’s wardrobe. It’s very suitable for the cold mornings, cool evenings and it’s a great addition to all your Autumn outfits. Our fisherman beanie will be an accessory which will last you a long, long time: it won’t loose shape or change colour regardless of the times you wash it. We advise you to hand wash only in cold or luke warm water. Whatever you do don’t tumble dry!

  • 100% cashmere
  • 8,2″ (26 cm) in length
  • 6,1″ (19 cm) in length after cuffing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Unisex style

The design

We pride ourselves in unusual and unbeatable design. Every piece of garment has been carefully chosen, not only in terms of the materials used but also based on how it works in everyday life. All our designs are made by our team of graphic designers only for us. You won’t be able to find anything in our store which is a replica of something else found online. We take pride in our uniqueness.

If you like our La Dolce Vita designs take a look at our tees and pure wool beanies with the same design. We are sure you will find more things you like. 🙂

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  1. Maciek

    Lekka, ciepła i przyjemna. Nie spodziewałem się, że będzie się aż tak sprawdzała w zimne dni. Warto taką mieć.

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