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Italiology. Iconic Italian Design.

Benvenuti! Italy-inspired design is here.

For some reason, it’s the Italians who came up with the saying La Dolce Vita. The Greeks, the Spaniards and the French have about the same amount of sun and possibilities as the Italians, but nevertheless it’s the latter who have created an art of living a Sweet Life. To make it easier for you to create a dolce vita yourself we created a design, which will remind you all the time that some things are more important than others.

Have you noticed how the Italian are always able to squeeze the most out of life? You give them a lemon and they make limoncello. That’s the true Italian spirit. Find a way to make the most out of your life, find the joy and happiness in the little things. In the end all we have are memories and it’s up to us to decide whether they are sweet or sour.

Our La Dolce Vita enamel mug is a cute addition to our Autum/Winter 20/21 collection. If you are crazy about Italy then this is the mug for you. It will show the world what you love and it will remind you, during your coffee break, what it is exactly that you are working for: to go to Italy again!

The design is exclusive to our store! Get your mug from us today!

This mug is a great gift for any friend or relative strongly bound with the country of Leonardo da Vinci. Have they gone bonkers after their last visit? Yes, we know the feeling… Buy them something that will put an additional smile on their face. This cup is meant to share the positive, sunny vibes that you experienced whilst in Italy. 🌞

If you like our La Dolce Vita design take a look at our tees with the same motive, but a different design. We are sure you will find more things you like. 🙂

The material

If you’re out on a hike or on your camping holidays, perhaps you’re just enjoying a garden barbeque – have a sip of that hot chocolate or drink that steamy black coffee straight from this mug. It won’t break, hook it onto your backpack and go through life with that Italian attitude.

  •  11 oz/325 ml enamel mug.
  • Hand enamelled for a unique finish.
  • White and glossy.
  • Not dishwasher and microwave safe.

The design

We do our best to provide you with great, iconic Italian design. Every item here and piece of garment has been carefully chosen, not only in terms of the materials used but also based on how it works in everyday life. All our products are designed in house by our own design team here at Italiology. You won’t be able to find anything in our store which is a replica of something else found online. We take pride in our uniqueness.

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11 oz.


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